Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cousin on the way

I mentioned to y'all that the kids' are expecting a cousin. That I'll be an aunt once again. The Hubs' brother and his wife are expecting a little guy any time now. The baby is actually due at the end of October. My SIL is scheduled for a c-section late next week. Yes. She's going to have a c-section. No. It's NOT a vanity issue. She actually had a large cyst removed from her uterus just a little over a year ago. The docs don't want her to put any additional strain on her uterus. Pregnancy is enough right? You ladies know how intense contractions can be. So that's why she's got a c-section scheduled.

But the baby will come soon. Soon! Yeah!

And you know what? This little guy I've mentioned? He isn't the only baby that's expected. No. No! Don't even think about it. I am not pregnant. But someone I know is....

Drumroll please!

LilSis and Shorty are expecting a baby!

Can you believe it? She just found out on Thursday. She took one test on Thursday night when Shorty came home from being out-of-town. And then she confirmed with two additional tests Friday morning. Since she was expecting her monthly visitor on Wednesday, she is just pregnant and is less than 4 weeks along. Both she and Shorty are fully excited. They called me after they spoke with Sis#2 and Jello. Actually it's only me and the Hubs and Sis#2 and Jello know about the pregnancy. They plan on telling everyone else (my parents and Shorty parents as well) at Christmas. LilSis is going to wait until she's at the end of her first trimester before letting everyone know about the pregnancy. Same thing that I did.

I am ecstatic that LilSis and Shorty are expecting.

You know what? My Mom and Dad are going to be so happy that LilSis is expecting. I'm sure this will influence my Mom to make the final cut and retire. So she can help LilSis out. Y'all know that I wished my Mom would have done the same for me. But she didn't. I entered into motherhood with no real mothering skills. I had to figure it out on my own. Anyway...

So the kids' will have TWO cousins! One by the end of this month. The other by mid-summer. Yeah!

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