Monday, October 6, 2008

He loves to sing AND dance!

Y'all I mentioned the other day that the Bear loves to sing, right? Today he was belting out some original riffs in the back of the car today. I was chatting with the Princess and the Bear was singing away.

Me: Hey buddy. What're you singing?
Bear: A song.
Me: What's the name of the song?
Bear: I don't know.
Me: Is it a song you learned? Or is it a song that you made up?
Bear: It's a song I made up. About the moon!
So he was singing away about the moon because it was on the rise early this afternoon. It was around 3:30pm when the kids spotted it in the sky.

And on Sunday? You should have seen the little guy. We went to the park and someone was having a birthday party in the gazebo next to the kids play area. They were playing a CD of "Princess" related songs, so it was all kid appropriate music. At one point, the Bear ran out of the play area and onto the grass area. I looked over at him and he was bopping away dancing. It was SO tremendously cute. He was just moving and grooving out there alone in the open grass area. Not a self-conscious bone in his body. Just letting the song move him.

Thankfully, he DOES have some natural rhythm. He must get it from my side of the family. The only time the Hubs dances is when he's had a few alcoholic beverages. I'm only interested in his rhythm when we're alone. HA! I know. I know. I don't normally bring up that intimate stuff.

Anyway, so this week the kids and I are going to spend some time singing and dancing in the house while they're out of school. The Bear certainly doesn't need me to get going either. He realized yesterday that he enjoys the small riff of "Back in Black" that plays at the beginning of Iron Man when Stark is in the Hummers with the soldiers. The Bear will just shake what his Momma gave him when it plays for those 30 seconds or so. Adorable!

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