Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Amazing Race Finale!!! [Update]

Heads up folks! Tonight is the Amazing Race Finale!

Don't forget to set your VCR/TiVo/whatever if you're not going to be home.

Be forewarned....It's going to be a two hour episode -- so it starts an hour earlier than normal!

Go Bowling Moms!

I'm so happy for Chip & Kim! They totally deserve to win that race.

I can't believe Colin's guard wasn't up until the last minute. He was relishing on his laurels & kicking back at the hotel. Then they thought that they had it made and boxed up their extra stuff to be checked. That really was their undoing.

What I found amusing is that the non-winning teams kept on trying to tell other people "But this is for a million dollars!" Then when things weren't going their way "We just lost a million dollars" There was such desperation and anxiety. Very good for tv ratings!

What I couldn't believe is when the airline staff told the other two teams that other passengers were being moved so that they could be accommodated. What the heck is THAT all about? That really got me burned up. Now would that actually happen if those teams weren't playing for a million? What if they were just regular travelers (without a camera crew)?

Now where were the cops when Colin&Christie's driver was speeding in the EMERGENCY lane like a bat outta hell? I wonder what the camera guy was thinking on that one. Plus, how'd they find this driver? Oh yeah! Christie was Miss Texas!

But I must watch my tape today. I missed the first hour because of the kiddos. I want to see how the Bowling Moms got ousted. I really wanted them to win. If they didn't win though I wanted C&K to...and they did!

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