Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Pirate in the house!

Wasn't it Talk Like a Pirate Day earlier this week?

I have to tell you that I've got a pirate in the house! What? A pirate you say? Yes!

I've explained that the Bear can jump, right? Well, he's been doing an unusual variation to his jumping. Stay with me now as I try to explain. He keeps his left leg straight. He lands on his left heel and hops onto his right foot. He'll bend his right leg and push off with that right foot then land on his left heel once more. It's really quick too. It's like he's hobbling along on a wooden leg. Come on! Try it!

He started doing this "Pirate Hop" yesterday at Gymboree. It's so funny because he's continued to do it. I mentioned it to my hubby last night as we were laying in bed talking. I couldn't help but go into a giggle-fest because I could picture my Bear performing in front of me. My hubby just mumbled "You're so mean to your son." Hey! The kid made it up on his own! Well this evening the Bear started doing it and my hubby saw him. All my hubby could do was shake his head. I think he thinks my Bear is a nut.

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