Thursday, April 21, 2005

Dodging a bullet

A bullet you ask? Yes. The sickness bullet.

I am so trying not to give into the swell of germies that are invading my home. Both of the kiddos have cold/coughs. The Princess has mostly a late evening cough. The Bear has it worse. He's got goobies coming out of his nose. When he feels something coming out, he'll take the back of his hand and swipe his nose. There's been a seemingly permanent white streak across left and right cheeks since yesterday. I try to clean him up, but the next time I look at him it's there. He's got the hard cough accompanying the goobies. It's the kind where you have to cough like 5 or 6 times when the urge hits. Poor little man.

Yesterday, we visited our local corner drugstore and stocked up on cough meds. Cough syrup? Check. Cough patches? Check. Cough patches? Yes. Instead of slathering Vick's on their chest at night, I got these cough chest vapor patches. The Vick's ends up doing is soaking up into their jammies. Supposedly these patches keep emitting the 'vapor scent' for about 8 hours. It was worth trying. You know what? It worked pretty well. I didn't hear the Princess cough until about 4am for just 30 seconds. The Bear? He coughed a little when we first put him into his crib but then it was quiet in there pretty much all night.

As for my status? Yesterday morning I woke up with a scratachy throat. I bought some throat spray at the drugstore. But I ended up dosing myself with NyQuil last night. I almost threw up trying to get the entire dosage down. It was horrible. Ugh. Yuck. But it definitely helped me. I slept from 8:45pm to 1:30am like a log. I heard the Bear complaining (not coughing) and I jumped out of bed. I used the toilet and headed to his room. By the time I got there, he was quiet. So I threw myself in the guest bed (next to his room) rationalizing to myself that he'd wake up again and need me. You know what? He didn't. He woke up at his usual 6am. But at least I got the sleep I needed.

I think we're all feeling better today. Got our sleep. With the help of some good meds. Hopefully, we'll be back up to speed tomorrow. Friday. Oh yeah!

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