Sunday, April 17, 2005

Making Mommy Laugh

My daughter found her old bike safety helmet last night around 5pm. She was running around with the Bear. She put the helmet on the Bear's head. I knew something had happened because all of a sudden I heard the Princess laughing hysterically - even snorting. What's funny? He ended up wearing that helmet until bathtime (8pm). When he'd turn his head quickly the little straps would hit his cheeks. Yes, he ended up adjusting it a few times. It ended up on his head backwards. He looked too adorable. What's even funnier? The helmet? It's a blue one with brown bears on it! So appropriate!

We went to IHOP this morning. I ordered for me & the Princess. My hubs ordered for himself. The Bear? Hubs said he'd share with the Bear. Okay. Fine. My son looked like he'd only chew about 5 times before he'd swallow the pieces of waffle my hubs was feeding him. He'd swallow. Look at hubs. Say "Eat" and give my hubs the sign for eat at the same time. My hubs had to work hard to keep cutting the waffle to keep up with the Bear AND get some in his own mouth. [snort] That's what he gets for not ordering the Bear his own food. Ha!

Having the two kidlings share a hot dog outside of Costco. My son couldn't open his mouth wide enough to get the hot dog and bun into his mouth. My daughter? She'd open her mouth EXTRA wide to get everything to fit plus take a huge bite. What was even more funny was when a black bird landed near us and started making this piercing screeching sound. My son was a little weirded out by it. He climbed over to me and stood near me. Then he pointed to the bird and said "GO!" He did this a few times. He sure wanted it to go away. But (of course) the bird ignored him and continued to make the sound. I finally got up and put something in the trash and shoo'd the bird away.

Hearing from your teacher that you've got secrets. And that you tell them into your teacher's ear. "I wish I had a tail." "I wish I had fins." I had to explain to her teacher, who was a little perplexed by these secret desires that we'd just started watching "The Little Mermaid II". It all makes sense now!

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