Friday, May 13, 2005


Every morning I've been waking up sneezing. Like really sneezing. Like up to 20 times. I end up having to blow my nose just to get some relief. Of course, by then I've got gunk that's ready to come out. My eyes are tearing up like crazy. I feel like I've got grit in my eyes too.

Do I have allergies?

The flowers are blooming like crazy here. The purple ones are dying out now because it's getting hotter (in the low 90's today!). The yellow flowers are ALL over the gosh darn place. Yellow flowers on bushes. Yellow flowers on trees.

If it is allergies, I need advice on what over the counter meds seem to work for you. Something that's low dose would be great. Alavert? Benadryl? Claritin? Chlor-Trimeton? Dimetapp? Tavis? Tylenol? There's just so many brands to choose from. And within each brand they've got several different kinds.


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