Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Quick overview of our trip

Our visit to see my family was so much fun. As normal, I'm very tired. Too much activity. Not enough sleep.

The drive out on Friday took a little longer than normal -- almost 7 hours. The Hubs got stopped. Thankfully, Officer Ortega only gave my Hubs a warning. But that stop cost us about 20 minutes of drive time. Thankfully, the kidlings were passed out and didn't notice our unexpected stop.

We celebrated the birthday of Sis#2 on Saturday. We hung out at her house. My BIL's family was there too. The kidlings played with their cousins outside ALL day long. We all took turns playing outside with the kids. We threw footballs and played catch. Even my Mom took turns trying to throw into the football net (she made it too!). The Bear didn't get a nap in that afternoon. He konked out in the truck on the ride back to my Mom's.

We went to Legoland on Sunday. It was my Mom, LilSis, Niece#4 (Sis#2's middle child), the Princess, and myself. We got there about 10am and left about 3pm. We meandered slowly through the place. Really mesmerized by the intricacy of the many & varied pieces. The girls got their faces painted. We had a leisurely lunch. We laughed. We walked. We got tired. Really a good time.

Yesterday, we had a feast at IHOP. We hung out at my parents' house after that. We talked. We played board games. Got more details on the changes that'll be happening in my parents house (home improvements remember?). My kidlings played more with Niece#4 and LilSis boyfriend (more on him on a different post). Around 2pm, we packed up for the long drive home. Uneventful. We made it back in less than 6 hours.

It was a fantastic visit. No stress. Just talking. Laughing. Getting caught up. I can't wait until the Princess and I go out again in about month for LilSis graduation ceremony.

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