Friday, December 5, 2008

Frolicking and looking

Guess what I'm about to do?

Go out. And shop. By myself. HA!

I'm going to a nearby mall to check things out while the kidlings are at school. Y'all know that I DETEST shopping at the mall. But I am going to try my best to maneuver through it with the least amount of confusion. I have "somewhat" of a plan. One book store. One toy store. There are more than 20 shops in between the two places I plan on hitting, so I have no idea what I'll end up buying.

Now that we have our WEEEEeeeee safely tucked on the top shelf in our closet, the Hubs and I have kind of lost some motivation. But I must venture forth and get things from Santa for the kids. They've both been terrific this year and they deserve some nice treats. The Hubs says I spoil the kids. But what's a Mom to do?

We'll be putting up all our decorations this weekend. I'll be outside tackling our backyard fence -- stringing up the lights -- and hammering in our blowup penguin in the yard. I'll be trying to keep my fingers safe from thorns as I string lights up in our two trees in the front yard. It's going to be fun. But work nonetheless. At least it'll be a beautiful weekend to be outside though. The low 70's are expected Saturday and Sunday.

Now have you tackled most of your Christmas decorations? All your shopping? What do you plan on doing this weekend/

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