Wednesday, January 7, 2009

But he does have some skills

I know what I'm good at. And what I'm not.

The Hubs? Home electrical? Nope. Home plumbing? Nope. Connecting electronics? Nope.

But the Hubs? He DOES have skills when it comes to cars. He's been changing the oil in his vehicle since he purchased it almost 19 years ago. YES. He's still driving the same car that he had before we even met. He can change a tire with no problem. He can jumpstart a vehicle like there's no tomorrow.

And right now? He's in the process of removing his car battery.

Um....It's 7:20am. He's normally on his way to work.

When he went into the garage at 7am, he found that his car battery was dead. D-E-A-D. No life whatsoever.

So what's the game plan? Calling Triple A? Nope. He's going to drive the kidlings into school. On the way back he'll pick up a new car battery. And how does he know what kind to buy for his almost 19 year old car? THAT is the reason he's out there right now taking out the old one. This way he can return the used up one and get a brand spanking new one of the same model. Then he'll just pop the new one into his car, get changed into work clothes, and drive on in. It's in this kind of situation that he has a plan.

Yes. He's changed out the batteries in our cars. Since we live in Arizona, our batteries only last a few years. Short life, eh? The heat saps the lifeblood out of car batteries. Like most things, the batteries always go out without a warning. Luckily, the Hubs battery was dead here at home. And the last time my car battery died it was in the Bear's preschool parking lot after I'd dropped him off. And the time before that? It was in our townhouse carport.

So for his lack of ability in certain things? I'm kinda okay with it. We can hire professionals to get out of a fix for the most part. Just the fact that he knows how to deal with a regular oil change and an emergency car battery situation, I guess, balances everything out.

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