Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh the JOY of washing

Take a look at my laundry room.



That's my washer in pieces.

On Saturday, I was doing the kids' clothes. Did the Princess' stuff first and I heard a bit of rattling. I then did the Bear's on the gentle cycle. And I heard definite rumblings. I ended up taking his clothes out and manually rinsing them in the sink in our laundry room. I then rung them out as much as possible before tossing his clothes into the dryer.

So today? The repair guy came. On TIME I might add. Even though he didn't call a half hour before like he was supposed to. He took the washer apart. Shook some parts. Did some analysis.

He could NOT repair the thing.

The part we need has been ordered. He'll be back with another guy to fix the washer. He'll be back NEXT Monday.


He won't be able to come back until NEXT MONDAY to get the new part in. And he's going to have to bring another guy with him. Because they're going to have to change out the DRUM! ARGH!

Thankfully I've finished washing the kids clothes from last week. But, hey? The Hubs and my stuff is piled up. [sigh]

------------------Update @5:30pm------------------

The Hubs just got home and I broke the news to him. The part is covered by our warranty.

We still though need to pay for the labor. I found out the guy and his counterpart will need about 2 to 3 hours for the job.

And that's a grand total of $275 out-of-pocket to get the darn washer repaired.

I mean, we only purchased the thing less than 4 years ago. And we're already having to spend money to get it fixed. [sigh]

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