Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Touch this and that

The kids and I headed out for our weekly outing.

Today's destination? Our local Children's Museum.

Ours is a very small establishment, but it's surprisingly in a nice building with ample parking. I was pleasantly surprised to find a parking spot that was under the shade of a large tree. Shade? Any parking spot that has shade is PRIME real-estate in these here parts. Especially when it gets past 100 degrees.

Even though it was small, the kids had a good time. They explored quite a bit. They enjoyed the rock-climbing wall. They especially enjoyed the magnet wall with all the pipe fixtures where they could create their own little "ball slide". They each made unique creations that actually worked.

What I did NOT enjoy was when a large group of about 15 kids came into the room we were in. It was a group from a day camp. They were LOUD. They were pushy. I had to sit and take a couple deep breathes. The kidlings came up to me a couple minutes later and said that they wanted to leave that particular room because it was too loud for them. Too loud for my kids? Then it MUST have been loud.

Now that I know that they enjoyed this particular museum, I am making plans to take them to a much larger children's museum. I've already started researching the other museum. From the photos, the place looks fabulous. I think I can make a day-trip out of it too. It'll be tiring but I think the kids are up for it. I just have to figure out what week I want to tackle the adventure.

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