Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My blood was boiling

When I got back from buying school supplies with the kidlings at Target.

When I got home to sit down to work, I was greeted with the blue screen of death.

Oh yeah.

It's true.

I thought that it was a software issue. I rebooted. I did System Restore. I did a bunch of other things.

Trying to be patient. [see the smoke from my brain yet]

Then...the computer told me it was a hardware issue that I needed to contact the manufacturer about.

My darn Dell Inspiron 1525 has died.

And I am freaking ass pissed!

Yes. I am.

Thankfully the darn laptop did last long enough for me to download my last two months of photos and my last 3 weeks of work. [sigh of relief]

I ended up making a run up to Best Buy after dinner and buying a desktop. We had an extra monitor in the house. And I am NOT going to invest the over $500 for another laptop. I do all my work here in the office, so what's the point of having another laptop?

Of course, I would LOVE to have one of those snazzy little Netbooks that are out on the market now. But alas....I just had enough money to buy a desktop.

So tomorrow -- or should I actually say TODAY since it is already 12:32am -- I'll be busy trying to catch up on work. [head fuming again]

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Mike said...

Thanks for the reminder. Time to backup loads of photos before this old machine takes it's last breath.