Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back it up, back it up, back it WAY up

Have you ever been in a situation where you set things and motion, then later regret what you've done? It oftentimes doesn't take much time for you to regret your actions.

Like when you're on a diet and suddenly crave some chocolate and eat an entire candybar rather than just one bite? OY!

Then there's a situation where you're tired and suddenly yell at your children or spouse?

It doesn't take much time for regret to set in. It's pretty quick.

I find it interesting that after all these months of gallavanting around, hooking up, and spending loads of money, JonG suddenly wants to go the other direction. The fact that he says "I asked my attorney to put the brakes on this divorce so I could try to regain control over the future our family. So Kate and I could join on a cooperative course that would benefit our family - not destroy it."

Really? He actually thinks we're going to believe that statement? I mean, he's the one who says he DESPISES Kate. He's the one who started dating right after the divorce papers were filed. He's the one traveling to Europe. He's the one who has an apartment in New York rather than in Pennsylvania. NOW he wants to backtrack? After all he's done?

Sure. He states that "I regret my conduct" but does anyone believe that junk? I think that he suddenly has come to terms with the fact that Kate is moving on. That TLC has had enough of him. Funny how his "regret" comes in the wake of TLC announcing that they are renaming the show to "Kate Plus 8". While JonG will still be on the show occasionally, he won't have a regular stint. So this tells me that JonG will have less money coming in. I'm sure he is now realizing that he's going to have to get a REAL job to live his current "extravagant" lifestyle.

Do you think JonG is sincere in his desire to repair his marriage? Or are you like me -- thinking he just wants to get into everyone's good graces once more so that he can continue on the show so that he can earn more easy money?

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