Saturday, September 12, 2009

Making Mommy Laugh

The other day the Hubs and I were deep in conversation about the kids.

Me: So your daughter was talking to me about her birthday sleepover.

Hubs: Does she want to do anything strange that I need to know about?

Me: No. She was just telling me who she wants to invite.

Hubs: Who does she want over?

Me: She wants to invite Linda* and Sophia*. 

Hubs: Who?

Me: Linda and Sophia are new this year. They're the 5th graders who she's been hanging out with.

Hubs: Fifth graders?

Me: Yeah...

Hubs: It's so hard to believe she's in third grade already. And she's hanging out with fifth graders..

Me: Dude! I can't believe you. She's in FOURTH grade!

Hubs: What? Wait...I thought she was in THIRD grade. 

Me: Hello? She had 3rd grade with Ms. M, 2nd grade with Ms G, 1st grade with Ms D, and kindergarten with Ms. M. 

Hubs: Oh my gosh! She's in FOURTH grade!

Y'all? He totally forgot what grade his own daughter is in. Totally forgot! Can you believe it?

* Names changed to protect their identity

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