Monday, October 5, 2009

Time away from school? Wha--???

In their ingenious planning of the school term, the powers-that-be have decided that this week is FALL BREAK. Meaning? The kids are home from school. All. Week.


This is what I say to myself EVERY.DARN.YEAR.

For some gosh-darn reason, in the many years since I graduated from elementary school they've decided that the kids need a BREAK between quarters. What genius came up with THIS gameplan? I'd like to take out there knees, thank you very much.

Granted, the kids have worked have their first quarter. I've already got the Princess' official grades for the quarter and am still awaiting the Bear's scores.

But when we were kids we had a 4-day Thanksgiving weekend, a 2-week Christmas break, Lincoln's Day & Washington's Day in February, Memorial Day and a week for Spring Break. They've added Civil Rights Day into the mix and combined Lincoln/Washington to President's Day. But my kids don't celebrate President's Day in February because they get a 4-day weekend for Rodeo Days (go figure?). Then there's Good Friday now too. It's a juggling act for sure!

Thankfully I work from home so I can easily watch my kids with all these days off. But what do parents who work full-time do when they're kids are off? Burn their vacation days? Send their kids to daycare? Find any spare babysitter or stay-at-home parent?

My kids are both relaxing right now watching Spy Kids. Yes. That movie. Again. But we've got plans to hit the park, walk to the coffee shop, hit Target to get Halloween costumes, and some other errands. They won't be bored. I think....But these days-off do take a toll on me. I end up having to be referee more than I want to. I have to juggle time on the computer with time on the couch with them.

So I may or may not have the time to write anything this week. Depends on if they end up realizing they've got time to get on Webkinz and Poptropica....

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