Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Entry 1

This year was the Hubs' turn to take the kids out for Halloween. Yeah!

As always, the kids had a blast going out and prancing around the neighborhood.

Rather than buying their costumes online this year, I went to our neighborhood Target once the Halloween section got set up in the store. I went through the area with the kids twice before I had them choose the costume they wanted to wear this year. This way they could mill in their minds what they actually wanted to put on. My son? He chose a Bumblebee Transformer costume. My daughter? A pirate.

Here they are with their garb on acting like silly monsters once again!

Costumes are just something we cannot typically reuse each year. The kids grow. Right? As a sidenote, the costume that the Bear wore to the zoo on Friday? That was his costume from last year. But generally speaking the costumes usually last one Halloween and then are put into their dress-up clothes box. And by the time the next year rolls around, the costumes aren't so nice. Good for at home dress-up, but not quite right for a night out.

But can you believe? As we were eating an early dinner last night, I suddenly looked at the Hubs and realized we didn't have an important element.

Me: Oh no! What are they going to use to hold the candy?

Hubs: What? Don't they have those old pumpkin bags?

Me: Those teeny-tiny things that are in their dress-up box? Those are too tiny...

Princess: Mom, don't we have those Libby-Lou bags?

Me: Oh...the Libby-Lou bags? Where are those?

I immediately left the dinner table and ventured into the garage. I went to one plastic container that I thought the bags would be in. I took off the lid and FOUND the bags! I was so relieved. The bags have nice thick handles that aren't too short or too long. And they're large enough to carry a bunch of candy. When the kids were little, I would carry a backpack so they could "off load" their candy when their bags got too heavy. But these bags we got last year (or was it the year before?) were just the right size. I attached some inexpensive glowsticks that I found at Target this summer.

Thankfully, the bees that I told you about yesterday were quiet last night. And when I looked outside earlier this morning there was a pile of carcasses out on the sidewalk. Like I said yesterday, I'm just glad the majority of the bees are happily in a new home with the bee guy.

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