Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crying all over the place

The kids came home from school without any fighting in the car.

The Bear finished his homework right off the bat.

The Princess lagged a bit after him.

Around 4pm they both were in the loft together. I figured they were playing.

Suddenly, I hear some angry backtalk and a cry.

I ran over from the front of the house to the back and looked up.

I saw the Bear through the banister with his hand over his mouth.

He moved his hand away from his face and I saw him look down at it.

Me: Come down here!

He ran downstairs with his hand clamped over his mouth/nose.

There was more blood than a simple bloody nose.

We scooted quickly to the half bath.

I grabbed some toilet paper and then had him remove his hand.

I rinsed of the blood from his hand and had him wipe it while I pinched his nose.

There was still a little bit of blood on his hand so he left a mark on our white towels.

Since there was a lot of blood then I was very concerned.

I was afraid that she'd broken his nose.

I wasn't sure if it would stop.

I have to tell you I was a nervous.

Me: Get in here Prin!
Prin: Coming! [sounding nervous]
Me: What happened?
Prin: I accidentally kicked him in the face...
Me: What?
Prin: I was kicking the truck and my leg hit him in the face.
Me: Say sorry to your brother.
Prin: I'm SORRY! Please don't tell Dad! [she wrapped her arms around me and the Bear sobbing]

My kids? They know when they've done something bad that their Daddy will get on them in a major way. My daughter was afraid of what he would do if he found out. She was afraid that she'd get a major whooping. 

Thankfully? The bleeding stopped in only a little bit of time. There wasn't any swelling or discoloration after it happened. And you know what? The Hubs doesn't know. The kids and I are keeping this incident from him. They were both upset about what happened. Nothing was broken. So it'll stay between us.

Now do you and your kids have any secrets like this from your spouse?

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