Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Health concerns all around

My co-worker has been MIA for the past week. She just came back online to work last night and I found out that she and her son (she's a single Mom) have both been WAY sick. But that they both were finally feeling better.

She also let me know that her nephew was in the ICU. Apparently he suffered a bad asthma attack that was so bad that they called an ambulance. He ended up coding twice on the way to the hospital and ended up in a coma. That's right folks, a COMA! Thankfully he woke up after about a week and is now on his way to recovering from the ordeal. A 19-year-old ended up in a coma after a severe asthma attack. Can you believe it?

On my own family front, my oldest niece ended up in the hospital over the weekend. She had a migraine and was feeling more weird than normal. Her parents (my oldest sister & BIL) MADE her go to Urgent Care. Within a few minutes of evaluating her, the medical staff TOLD them to go to the Emergency Room. Why? Because her blood pressure was 190/110. Yes. THAT. HIGH.

The hospital admitted her and they ran a gamut of tests. Blood work. CT Scan. Lumbar puncture where they found blood. CT Angiogram. Ultrasound on the kidneys. MRI. Thankfully they didn't find anything weird. She was finally released yesterday. Clean bill of health. Just the high blood pressure along with the migraine. My 29-year-old niece is now on high blood pressure meds. Ay-yay-yay!

No matter how young you are, you can still have health issues. Appreciate the life you've got and enjoy it all.

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