Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting through a new experience

The Bear's birthday was back in January, but I didn't get him for his annual appointment until February. Oops!

But at that appointment, they did an eye exam. And they advised me that I should get the Bear's eyes checked out. Ay-yay-yay!

Since the kids were born, I've hoped and hoped in the back of my mind that they'd inherit the Hubs' 20/20 vision instead of my -15 eyeballs. Yes. I'm terribly near-sighted. Can you say coke-bottle lenses? That's me! I got my first pair of glasses when I was 7 years old and in the 2nd grade. The Bear is in the first grade but he's already 7 since he's got a January birthday. So I guess this little recommendation from the pediatrician didn't fully surprise me.

Yesterday was the big day. I picked up the Bear after a couple hours at school. We drove about 30 minutes to the pediatric opthamologist.

We got to the building and walked in and stopped in front of the elevators. Since we're a suburban family who lives out in the desert, we don't ride elevators very much. While we waited, I chatted with the Bear about elevator etiquette.

So we push the button to "call" the elevator.
If the button is lighted, then you don't have to push it again.
We don't stand right in front of the elevator doors because there might be people in the elevator that need to get out. 
Stay a few steps back when the elevator opens and wait just a second. Once you see that no one is coming out then walk in.
If you're the first one in make sure to step to the side and then turn around and hold your hand in front of the door to make sure it doesn't close on anyone else who is going to get into the car.

As I'm chatting away at the Bear, an older couple walked up behind us and waited along with us. The Bear and I stepped to the right side of the elevator. The couple stepped to the left side of the elevator. They happened to be on the side that had the floor buttons. They pushed number 3.

Number 3? That's our floor too.

As the elevator went up at a snail's pace, the couple smiled at the Bear.

I'm going to get my eyes checked!
You are?
Yes. It'll be his first time.
How exciting. Your first time.

We got out of the elevator. I asked the Bear to find us a couple chairs while I signed him in at the receptionist desk. When I joined him, I riffled through my purse and pulled out his DS. I wasn't sure how long we'd have to wait so I wanted him to have something fun to do. While he quietly played, I pulled out my digital camera and reviewed photos I'd taken at his baseball practice. When I came across a cute one I would hold the camera at an angle so he could see. We laughed at a couple of the shots. After I looked at all the pictures, I tucked the camera back into my purse and I looked out the windows while absent-mindedly twirling his hair on the top of his head.

Let me tell you that the Bear's appointment went super well. The pediatric opthamologist was great. He spoke clearly and slow enough for the Bear to understand what he wanted. It turns out that the Bear has the slightest bit of astigmatism. And he didn't have to dilate the Bear's eyes at all. Whew! So we won't have to do anything for him right now. YEAH!

After a brief stop at the receptionist desk to check out, we walked over to the elevators. And guess who we saw there waiting? The same older couple that we'd come up in the elevators with.

So how'd your first eye appointment go?
It was super easy!

The gal looked at me and smiled.

I have to tell you something.
When you were talking to your son, it reminded me so much of my daughter and my grandson.
Oh yeah?
And my grandson's name is Bear too.
No way!
Yes. My daughter, Grace, lives in Dallas. 
Her name is Grace?
That's too funny. Because my name is Grace too!

Of all the couples in the world to be in the elevator with. A couple whose daughter is named Grace and whose grandson is named Bear. What are the odds of that in this great big world of ours?

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