Sunday, April 17, 2011

Acting like kids & being silly

While my children can be at each other's throats at times. They can totally play together in the most silly ways.

They have a shorthand communication where they know how to move a "game" along.

I was working on the computer while I was watching a movie while they played. Then when I turned around.  THIS was the first image I saw.
What the HECK is on my girl's head?

It's a pair of "earmuffs" that my son created during art class that my daughter re-purposed into a "facemask". You can see the lightsaber she's flung over her shoulder. What you don't fully see is the messenger bag she's got over her shoulder with all her supplies. That's a plastic snake wrapped around her waist like a belt. Then she's got her foot in a bucket to simulate a pegleg. That's right folks. A pegleg. Like a pirate. Don't you love her serious face below?
While my daughter went all out in her creation, my son went the more traditional route.

While my daughter does a serious face? My son always makes a comical one. Can they be any more opposite?
But the two of them played for about 3 hours before they had to take a break from each other.

It's just funny listening to them "act" out their scenarios. For a while there I had the movie on mute while I just listened to them chitter-chatter with each other.

I love it when they get along. It makes me so thankful that they are my kids. THAT and the relief that I didn't have to referee. Right?

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