Monday, June 6, 2011

End of an era for one

Tomorrow my daughter will be participating in 5th grade Commencement.


My daughter will be finishing up 5th grade this week.


It'll be the end of one chapter in my daughter's life.

One more milestone that Mommy needs to get through.

My daughter is SO excited. She's going to be wearing a new dress with little heels. She's going to look so beautiful. [cringing again inside]

Thankfully the ceremony is being held mid-morning. This way we can attend and then head out of school. The class is actually meeting up for lunch after. It's just going to be time for me and my girl. My son is going to stay at school all day so he can relish in some fun time with his friends. Because once summer comes around he'll be missing them like crazy.

But I'm really glad to be able to spend time alone with my girl in the middle of the week.

Girl Time! Girl Time!

I'm going to relish in this special time with my girl because before I know it, she'll think she's too cool to spend time with me.

Anyone else having to deal with one of their kids' milestones? 

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