Saturday, June 4, 2011

Partners in crime

It's Saturday!

And what's the routine for Saturdays?

Vacuuming. Laundry. Sweeping. Cleaning bathrooms.

Then there's the inevitable...trying to relax.

Unexpectedly my Mom gave me a buzz after lunch.

Mom: Hi honey, it's Mom.
Me: Hey Mom. What's going on?
Mom: Nothing. I was wondering what you were doing. I wanted to take Princess out to buy a promotion dress.
Me: Oh yeah?
Mom: Is she busy?
Me: She's working on an art project right now but she can finish it up tomorrow. When do you want to go?
Mom: I can be over in about 30 minutes.
Me: Oh okay.

And so my daughter went shopping with her Grandma for about 4 hours. Yes. They went to the mall (only 15 minutes away) didn't get back for over FOUR hours. Yes. My daughter is a shopper. A trait that her Mama (me) doesn't have. I so dislike going to the mall. Too much stuff. Too many people. Too confusing.

I am so not looking forward to my daughter's teenage years. I can imagine the amount of time she'll want to spend at the mall. How much money I'll have to invest. Ay-yay-yay!

But my daughter had a blast with my Mom. Of course, my Mom was super tired by the time she dropped my girl off. The two were super happy though about their time together. And we even got a little fashion show once they got here.

Nothing like seeing a happy Mom and a happy child, eh?

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