Sunday, August 28, 2011

Playing hard

My son had his first football game yesterday.

The game started at noon and it was over 90* degrees.

I was super hot up in the stands, which had NO shade whatsoever.

I felt so bad that the boys would have to be in full pads out on the field running around.

What I found very crazy is that about half the boys had no sunscreen on. NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH!

How'd I find that out? Because I went to spray the back of my son's neck, which I'd forgotten to get earlier. All the boys happened to be sitting in a specific order for weigh-ins. I looked at the boy next to my son and thought I'd just ask "Do you have any sunscreen on? Would your parents be okay if I sprayed some on you if you have any?" He said he didn't have any on and said his parents would be okay with me spraying some on his arms. I then went down the line. Like I said...about 50% of them had no sunscreen on. Some of these little guys were pale, pale, PALE and they didn't have any protection. Unbelievable!

But my son had a good time, even with the extreme heat. Now I know what to expect when we have home games now. I'll be better prepared next week.

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