Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What I read on January 1, 2013

I don't do resolutions.
I typically make changes as I see fit.
No matter what part of the year we're in.
But on January 1st, I did take a moment to look at my horoscope for 2013.
I never check my horoscope, but I was curious.
I wanted to see what they (whoever "they" are) predicted for this year.
Who knew that it would be so accurate to where I'm at?
2013 brings you nothing short of a total rebirth. You can finally bid farewell to the heavy and austere presence of Saturn in your stars since late 2009. You have had enough lessons in love and commitment to last you a lifetime. No longer will you be satisfied with simply scratching the surface of life. You're prepared to go as deep as necessary to create something of lasting value. You want nothing less than the truth, and nothing short of profound meaning.

You'll continue to break out of any codependent relationship ruts. You've certainly learned how important it is to value your authenticity and independence. No longer will you fall prety to being too nice. You see how crucial it is to set your limits, draw your lines in the sand and commit without wavering.
Holy guacamole!
Who knew that what I read on New Years would be so true.
And it's not even the end of January.

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