Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Okay...onto some tv talk...

Okay, nobody else in my household watches this stuff or seems to care so you all get to hear my comments on some of my current favorite summer shows. HA!

Family Plots - This is a hysterical show - even though it's basically situated in a mortuary. What's crazy is that I've driven by that particular mortuary and didn't even notice it. Now how did this family all end up at that mortuary? That's my basic question. I'm thinking that Shonna got there first and then gradually her two sisters and father got into the business. They've never really mentioned it but the family members definitely seem like they're originally from New York or some other east coast location. I can't stand Emily's husband - he seems like a jerk. Now I wonder where Emily takes her son to school that she has to drive SO far to get him there every school day. The break up between Melissa & Rick is fascinating. They were engaged two years and never moved in together? I never would have figured those two were even together. I find it interesting that Chuck & the girls' Mom both live in the same apartment building even though they're divorced and have an up and down relationship. What's funny is that the Mom's apartment is nicely decorated and then Chuck's looks like it's just a bedroom. But I do enjoy watching this show!!!

Airline - The folks they end up showing on here are too funny. Don't these people know they're going to be on tv? Most of them act like jerks thinking the airline needs to cater to them. People who show up right when the plane is supposed to take off are NOT getting on the plane. You're supposed to be there BEFORE the plane is scheduled to take off so that they can get everyone in and get the doors closed and all that. Then there are the folks who've had WAY too much alcohol. They think they're not intoxicated but their drawled speak and slow movements give it away. One memorable moment that I do recall is the lady and her 2nd husband who were dropping off her kids at the airport so they could spend the holidays with their father. The lady wanted to be able to have them all go down to the plane but the regulations were that only one parent was allowed to walk the kids. She kept on saying "But we want to be able to say good-bye since we won't see them for the holidays." Well if she'd stop running off at the mouth she could have been saying good-bye (or her current hubby could have been) and then one of them could have sent the kids off at the gateway. But NO...she had to waste time complaining up a storm! Oy!

Newlyweds - Jessica continues to baffle me. The things she says are ditzy but she's definitely making an impression on folks. She's got a Pizza Hut deal now based upon her "Buffalo Wings" comment. Most men over 30 years old now know who she is. She's recognized WAY more than she used to be -- it seems that she's outshining her hubby Nick though. I wonder how he feels about that? But he is definitely a nice man. I can't believe he puts up with all her complaining and being needy though. I mean, she doesn't know how to do laundry, she doesn't know how to clean, she doesn't know how to cook, and she doesn't take one minute to try to keep her clothes (pricey stuff too) clean and organized.

The Ashlee Simpson Show - I was offended last week when the morning guy,Clayton Morris, on The Daily Buzz (WB) said that he thought that Ashlee got "the short end of the gene pool" in her family. Well, she ain't Jessica! She's a younger more edgy person than her sister! Just because she doesn't have big boobs and dyed her hair dark doesn't mean she's not amazingly beautiful in her own right. I thought it was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG for Clayton to say that! Anyway, Ashlee is a little ditzy but she's young. Now how does she afford to live in that apartment? Oh yeah, she is on 7th Heaven! But then how are all her friends in that building? But I do like the songs she's written. I enjoy the fact that her style is very different from her sister. What concerns me that she thinks she needs to go on a diet? WHY? She's tiny! Someone better straighten her out before she becomes another Mary-Kate!

The Amazing Race - LOVE this season! I'm sad that the father/daughter team are out of the game. They lost due to one small error - not making sure they had their tickets before they left the ticket counter. Now if they hadn't been buying tickets for that other team than they would have been concentrating on what they were doing and not lost. I do NOT like Brandon and Nicole. They said they waited for Charla & Mirna but they did not! Liars! The cousins got sucked into the fact that the couple were Christians "God fearing" as Mirna called them. But that doesn't mean they are the best team to create an alliance with! Brandon & Nicole were looking out for themselves. I'm glad that the cousins are doing well. I don't care for the brothers either. Why they had to call Mirna a "bitch"...I don't know. The cousins got to the airline ticket counter first - fair & square! I thought it was too hysterical when the brother couldn't find the white chocolate center. Served them right to get last place!

Designed to Sell - $2000 and a week or so to get a place ready to sell. Now are most of the sellers doing "For Sale by Owner"? I would think this would be the case since the show holds the Open House for the sellers. I just enjoy watching these people's homes get a facelift. People live in their homes and just get used to how they look. It takes a fresh eye to make you see what things need to be changed. The objection I do have with this show is the $2k budget. They've got THREE skilled helpers doing most of the difficult work (electrical, carpentry, drywall) for the homeowners. For regular folks to get that kind of help would cost a lot more money...but how much more? So that's what I find to be unrealistic about the show...that you get these changes done with only $2000.

Sell this House - This is the show that HGTV copied to get Designed to Sell. Whereas Designed to Sell uses skilled laborers, Sell this House uses only the homeowners to get things straightened out. So it's more realistic of what homeowners can do to prepare to sell their home. This show really is more focused on freshening up the rooms with paint and moving furniture with "less is more" mantra echoing. I learned that you can take down wallpaper with clothing softener! Who knew? You still have to score the wallpaper but you take a sponge with the softener and just spread it all over and then scrap the wallpaper once it's loosened the paper. Additionally, this show films homes from all over so you get a variety of home styles and a variety of home issues.

So did you notice the trend? There are no comedies or dramas in the bunch. It's all reality based stuff. But I can only do certain reality shows. No Big Brother or the Bachelor for me! That's too much plain nastiness going on. I mean, people not being nice to others so they can WIN! Win, win, win! I know the Amazing Race is about winning but it's also about seeing how folks handle the traveling, handle each other, and about us viewers seeing parts of the world! Anyway, don't be surprised if you see more posts about my shows. Maybe it'll be a weekly thing...hmmm....

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