Monday, July 26, 2004

Still no talking...

Can you believe that he left for the day without giving me a kiss? He usually gives me a peck on the head as he's heading out to work at 6:15am but not today! He just walked out the door. Who knows how tonight is going to end up. Talking? or not talking? Men can be SO stubborn when it comes to any kind of argument. Usually it's me offering the olive branch when we've had a disagreement. But I haven't yet so this not talking thing continues. What I feel so strongly about is that he acted this way in front of my sister and BIL -- they were visiting us for the first time since we've moved. I asked my sister when she thought of his behavior and she said she was really surprised at his behavior. If this talking drought goes on any further I"ll probably write all the details of what happened this weekend and you can determine if this situation is ridiculous or not. Oy!

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