Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Is he suddenly huge?

It was a Gymboree Day today! Woohoo!

Today we're back to our weekly visits to Gymboree Music & Play. Now my Bear has some social time with kids his age! Granted, these classes are a bit pricey but I find them well worth it. It's a break from time in the house. It's a break from running errands with Mommy. It's a break from being alone. It's a time to make friends. It's a time for the parents to commisserate (sp?) with one another. It's a time to act silly in a huge playroom!

I do find that the kids tend to grativate to the people they trust. My Princess felt comfortable with the instructor & just a few Moms when she was little. I ended up being really good friend with these ladies & their kids until we moved. The Bear seems very comfortable with the one Dad that always comes to class. Each class the Bear will find a ball and throw it at this Dad. The Dad will catch it and give it back to the Bear. Then the Bear runs off and does other things. It's like the Bear has this ritual with man -- it's too funny because the Dad expects him now.

Today the class was VERY full. In the past there were about 8 kids at most in the class. Today there were about 15 kids! Plus, most of them were new to this particular time/date. Most of the kids were younger than the Bear and the other kids who've been in the class. The one Mom came up to me about halfway through class and said "Do our kids suddenly seem like giants?" I told her that since it was a new session that some kids from the younger class probably "graduated" to this one. Ahh! The one little guy I saw playing was only 15 months old. He seemed so young! But that's the age that I got the Bear into the class. It's all a matter of perspective.

When did you realize that your little one wasn't so little anymore?

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