Saturday, September 4, 2004

kids' observations

My hubby was taking a shower late this afternoon. The kids were hanging around him since he was gone until about 12:30pm today. They kept on running into the master bath and back to me in the master bedroom (I was reading a book). Well, my hubby finished his shower and was drying off. The Princess looks at him and here's their conversation.

Princess: "Daddy, why is your penis red?"

Hubby: "Because I took a shower."

Princess: "Daddy is it always red?"

Hubby: "It's red because I took a hot shower."

Of course, my hubby was thoroughly getting embarrassed and was trying to hide behind the towel. Princess had this intent look of concern for him on her face. It was totally funny!


Then there's the obsession the Bear has. Sometimes he'll be in the room when I'm getting dressed for the day. When I take off my shirt/bra he's right next to me. His hand is poised and reaching. For what? For my nipple! He's got a nipple fixation. It's not just any nipple either. It's just MY nipples! Oy!

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