Sunday, September 5, 2004

Snippets of Saturday

Today we drove up to my BIL's house. We were celebrating my hubby's birthday! Here are a few little things that happened during the day.

After lunch we headed over to the GAP so my hubby could use a gift card he'd received. We had both kids walking so they could burn some energy after being in the car for 2 hours. I told the kids to "Stay with Daddy & no running." I was going to look at some jeans. Next thing you know they're with me. I said "Go over to Daddy please." The Princess hightails it over to my hubby at break-neck speed with the Bear close behind her. Then there's the fall and SPLAT. He gets up doing the hard crying. I know he's injured himself. I pick him up and hold him tight and walk out of the store. I take a look at him after a minute and he's got blood on his lips. OY! He cut his upper inside lip once again. Those darn slippery floors! What's amazing is that my hubby didn't hear the Bear crying. Talk about selective hearing!

My hubby's cousin has two girls (6 and 4) and they were at my BILs house too. All the kids want to play in one of the bedrooms. My BILs girlfriend supervises the kids. My MIL says "She would be a great mother. She's so good with kids." Later my SIL supervises the kids. My MIL says "She would be a great mother. She's always been so good with kids." Uh...what am I chopped liver? I've never heard that I'm a good mother. Aren't my kids intelligent and polite (well at least the Princess is). The lady has never complimented me on my mothering skills. I get quite offended (and I keep it to myself) when my MIL makes these comments. How can my SIL take care of a child 24/7? She can't even take care of her dog very well... or herself for that matter!

We end up getting into the pool in the back. My BILs girlfriend supervised the Princess in the water, while I had the Bear. We get into the pool and the water is chilly! We're in there for about 15 minutes before my BIL goes outside. He asks his girlfriend "Is the water cold?" She says "Yes, it's cold!" He's like "If she's cold then the water is definitely cold" He finally got into the water about 30 minutes later -- took over with the Bear so I could take the Princess. He jumped in and when he surfaced he said "OH! The water IS cold!" Duh!

It was the Bear's first real experience in the water since he was 6 months old. He really took to it easily. I let him play on the first step for 10 minutes then I took him around the pool. I held him firmly under his armpits and pulled him around. His bottom naturally floated up and he was relaxed. It was great! After about 30 minutes, they blew up a duck floaty and we put the Bear in it. He didn't feel so secure on the duck. I think he'd gotten accustomed to my firm grip on him. He clung to the duck's neck really tightly for about 15 minutes before he started to relax. It was cute watching him sit on the duck and seeing his legs move under water.

The Princess is making advances in the water. She didn't want to be held when she got into the water. She had her arm floaties on and she was comfortable by herself in them. She just moved her arms and her legs and got around the pool on her own. Some say not to let kids get used to using floaties. Well, my girl is very edgey when it comes to the pool. She enjoys the concept of the pool -- being in there and swimming but she's terrified at the same time. She doesn't enjoy having water all over her face -- bathtimes can be a scene. Anyway, to see her relaxed in the pool was terrific. I'm going to continue to let her wear those things because she's becoming more relaxed in the environment. I'm also going to go out and look for some goggles for her. Maybe that'll also help since she freaks when water gets in her eyes. I'll hopefully be able to get her in swim lessons in the spring. By then she should be fine in a pool situation.

My Bear is a lover-boy. I've mentioned that before haven't I? He loves females...especially older ones. Today he officially met his second cousins and fell in love with the younger one. She's a year older than the Princess but the same height. What's funny is that she came up to the Bear to say "hi" to him and he went in for a hug. Once she'd wrapped her arms around him, he lifted his feet and wrapped his legs around her. He wouldn't let go either! He stayed there for about a minute. Throughout the party he'd follow her around and hug her. It was priceless!

I'm sure there were more interesting tidbits of the day but I can't recall them. We'll be up at my BILs again in a few weeks to celebrate the Princess' 4th birthday. So more pool time! Woohoo!

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