Monday, September 6, 2004

MIL irritations

Having listed a bunch of things that happened on Saturday, I have to say that my MIL has trumped up in my mind again. The reasons why my MIL irritates me are numerous. Some reasons are large, while others are quite small.

Here's a few things:

She hates mushrooms. We all know this. Yet, when there are mushrooms served, she always says "Oh, I hate mushrooms!" Excuse me, but my FIL, myself, and my BILs girlfriend all like mushrooms (and she knows this)!

She thinks it's okay to put her purse & whatever else she's brought onto the kitchen counters. Excuse me? Why don't you put that stuff near the closet or the front door?

Constantly states that she needs to lose weight but doesn't really get into anything physical. Granted, she walks but doesn't break a sweat. She thinks that quicker is better. I've given her articles stating that she should dedicate more time each session to burn more calories...thus losing some weight.

Along this weight issue, she always drinks some sort of flavored juice with her meals. It's not like orange or apple juice either. She'll have one of those fruit blends that they stock on the shelves so it's not a natural fruit drink. Then she's always got lots of chips & cookies & ice cream in her house. Plus, she'll bake a cake when we'll be over for dinner. How about cutting the sweet stuff out of your diet lady if you want to lose a couple pounds?

When we're watching a movie on television, she always talks. "Lady! We're trying to listen to the movie here!"

She seems proud of the fact that she nags my FIL do death until he gives in to whatever she wants.

The last two new cars my ILs bought went to my MIL. My FIL got her old one. How fair is that?

Talks about the "married in" girls (I'm one of those) of the family when she's heard that they've done something that doesn't seem right. But when a blood relative does the same type of thing (or something similar) there's no comment.

Doesn't listen when I have an opinion different than her own. What's interesting is the one time I stated my opinion. She looked at me. Then continued talking like I hadn't said anything. Then my SIL said the same thing that I did. My MIL looked at her and then discussed my SILs statement. Yes... I was still sitting there near them when this happened too!

She seems most animated when she's complaining about something. My hubby says "she's happiest when she's miserable."

She buys the ugliest clothes for the kids! It's 2004 -- not 1970! For the Princess' birthday (at the end of this month), I gave them some ideas on where they could find slender items. I gave them item #s for some of the pants I thought would be good for the Princess. My MIL told me "I didn't like those pants you told me about, so I didn't get her those." Uh, why'd you need to tell me that? I think the stuff I buy my daughter is comfortable, easily matches the rest of her clothes, and is very cute on her. Does she want me to tell her that what she buys my daughter looks like crap?

Plus she doesn't buy the size that I know will fit the Princess. My girl needs a 4S for the bottoms -- not a regular 4 -- she needs SLENDER! No matter how many times I try to let her know she gets the wrong size. So the bottoms either get returned or stay in the closet.

A few months ago we all spent the night at her house (me, my hubby & the two kiddos). My hubby and I went out to dinner and a movie so she and my FIL could spend the afternoon with the kids alone. We got back to their house about 10pm. You know what? She didn't leave out any towels or face towels for us to use to get washed up. When you have guests, don't you lay out some towels in the bathroom or in their room for them to use? Don't you also lay out some bedding for them (we were sleeping on the floor) so they don't have to ask for it?

I'll never forget when my daughter got baptized at 9 months. There we were in the church and I noticed that my MIL brought in one of those huge insulated coffee mugs with a straw in it. Did she have coffee in it? NO! She had water in it! She couldn't last through an hour service without bringing that crappy looking thing in? Additionally, did she bother to sing when hymns were being sung? No! She stood there with a frowny face with her arms crossed -- like it was such a bother to be there. When I've gone to Catholic services with them (weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc), I've been polite and tried to get into the feel of the service even though it wasn't the religion I was brought up in. Now how rude was her behavior?

Okay....okay...okay... enough ranting and raving! I had to get it out! Yeah, Saturday's visit really irked me! My hubby didn't want to hear me spewing about his Mom again. You know what he said to me? "Don't even go there right now" So I came in here!

Do you have an irritating MIL? What's she done/said to you? What's the most irritating tale you can tell? Come on.... let me hear ya!

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