Friday, September 10, 2004

Sickie in the house!

Yup! I've got a sick kiddo here in the house today.

The Princess woke up not feeling well. Actually, she woke up crying! I was in the Bear's room cuddling with him, as he had just woke up 5 minutes earlier, when I heard her start wailing.

What the heck?

I put the Bear down and ran across the hall to the Princess' room. She was lying in bed crying like she was scared. I thought she was just surprised out of sleep because the trash men were next door at the Lutheran church emptying their bin -- it's pretty loud.

Anyway, I scoop her into my arms and say "It's okay, it's okay. I've got you. You're okay."

She looks at me and says "Mommy, my tummy hurts. I don't feel good."

I thought maybe she was copying me from yesterday. I had a stomach ache and I made myself some hot tea to settle my stomach. I thought I'd tread lightly because I wasn't sure if her ailment was real or made up.

I carried her into the kitchen and plopped her onto her barstool. I got her some milk and poured her some cereal. She barely ate it. She mostly just drank her milk. Hmmmm... not too surprising as some mornings she'll barely eat.

Well, she finished and I got her into some lightweight jammies and put a DVD on. I asked her if she was feeling any better and she said her stomach still hurt. Just to be on the safe side I got the bucket we use for when she's ill. I put it on the side table next to where she was lounging. Luckily I did that because not 5 minutes later she was vomiting.

It's only 8:45am and she's vomited one more time. She's still sitting on the couch with the bucket on the table next to her. I'm pretty sure it's one of those viral things. She doesn't have a fever. She's not cold and clammy. She feels okay once she's vomited. It's just coming in waves. I'm sure now that she's in school she's being exposed to a whole heck of a lot more germs than she was over the summer.

I've called her school to let them know she's ill. I wanted to be sure to let them know (even if it's only a preschool) so they aren't wondering where she is. Also, I wanted to inform them in case other kids are sick. Then they'd know it (whatever IT is) was being spread around the school so they can forewarn the other parents.

Anyone else dealing with a sick kid today?

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