Friday, September 10, 2004

Four bites to none

Am I talking about fishing?


I've got four HUGE bites on my legs! From what? I don't know! I'm thinking these are spider bites but I'll never know.

How'd I get them? It happened yesterday -- most likely when I was in the backyard when the kids were playing. Thankfully, neither of the kids has a bite on them. But me? I've got the four welts!

I noticed my legs were itchy after lunch yesterday. I didn't think anything of it. But I could not ignore the insane need to scratch last night about 2:30am. Yes, I awoke with the deep NEED to scratch. I checked my legs out today and the bites are very red and much larger than a mosquito bite -- therefore my conclusion of an ant bite.

I've got two of them right behind my left located right where the skin folds. The third is lower on the back middle left of my calf. The fourth is on the lower right part of my right knee. I'm thinking this happened when I was sitting on the lawn chair. So I'm surmising that it attached itself to my left leg when I sat down. I usually sit with my left leg crossed over my right. Then it crossed over to my right knee. Then transferred down to my left calf. Go ahead...sit down on a chair and figure it out. You think it's a logical flow of events?

I have got to get my hubby to drop by the drug store and get some Calamine lotion. These things are bugging me something awful!

Anyone else dealing with any bites?

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