Friday, September 10, 2004

Observations from today

The Princess smiled up to me weakly when she finished vomiting in her bucket and said "I feel better now Mommy."

The Princess working the sickness and asking to watch "Clifford's Big Movie" THREE times today. Twice when the Bear was taking his nap! Yeah, I let her watch the darn thing. I had just rented it yesterday so she'd never watched it.

The Princess adores playing drive-thru. Today I was manning the window at Mickey D's and she was the one driving through. Yesterday, she was the worker and I was the Mommy going thru with my kids (by the way, I was sitting in my car -- the laundry basket).

The Princess seems to be more empathetic to the Bear when she's not feeling well. He did something wrong today and I talked to him sternly. Of course, he started to cry. She came over and hugged him from behind and said "Oh, it's okay Sweetie!"

The Princess cleaned up all the toys in her room tonight without being asked to do so. I gave her a thumbs-up for being so on the ball.

The Bear running back and forth from one far wall to another while shaking his head left and right. Yup, he's trying to make himself dizzy while he's running!

The Bear likes to jump. I've mentioned this before. He can now jump forward. You know that lopping jump where you land on each foot separately?

The Bear loves to play "Ring 'round the Rosie"... What he loves best is when "we all fall down!" He does this so dramatically. He carefully gets down on his bottom and rolls back so his head doesn't get bomped and then his legs fly up towards his head. It's like a slow moving Rolly-Polly!

The Bear peering cautiously around the corner into the Princess' open bedroom door, as he knows she'll be bolting out of there any second (and he doesn't want to get run over). He's checking if he can look in there to see what she's doing.

The Bear running as fast as little legs can carry him (which is totally fast for a 20 month old - I dare say) and flying into the bottom U of the sectional couch. Both he and the Princess do this -- this explains the bruises on the front of their shins!

The Bear now says "UH-oh!" when things fall down or get dropped. He's been doing this for about a week now but my hubby just noticed it tonight.

Remember how I mentioned how the Bear cheers? Well, it's so pronounced now. He'll see some sport on tv and he'll stop. He'll raise his hands above his head and say "Go!" When he's saying it he'll scrunch up his nose and smile.

The kids both run at the door when they hear my hubby giggling the locks. "Daddy!"

Both kiddos wanted to go with Daddy when they saw him grabbing his sunglasses and his keys. Where was he going? He was just going to pick up some take-out! This gave me 10 minutes of quiet!

Why does my hubby have a cell phone if he never answers it when I call him? Then for some reason his phone never registers the voicemails I send him. Is he telling me the truth on this or is he just too lazy to check the voicemails????? Hmmmm.....

And how did YOUR day turn out? Any good or not so good observations on the day?

This is a note to my hubby which he'll never read: Honey, can you use your brain? I called you and told you I had 4 spider bites. I asked you to go to the drug store and get me some Calamine lotion. Okay, I didn't realize that Calamine lotion was for poison ivy & poison oak. But you were at the drug store and could have read the specific uses for the ointments! Now I know I should have said Calahist or something like that. ARGH! Use your brain honey!

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