Thursday, September 9, 2004

Clean laundry

It feels so good to have NOTHING in the laundry baskets!

I know, I know...that won't last long. Tonight we'll have stuff in the baskets. But for now? It's all clear!

At least I know if I do the laundry deligently for day then I know it'll all get done. I even put everything away! Yes, all the hanging stuff is on hangers in the correct closet. The rest of the stuff is folded and in drawers and closets. I used to drag it out and only do a load a day, but doing it all in about four hours is a lot better. Then I don't feel like I'm constantly doing laundry. We all know that feeling, right?

You know what's cute? The Bear likes to help me out when I'm doing the laundry. When the wash cycle is finished, he likes to stand in front of the dryer and put the stuff in. I get the stuff out of the washer and hand it to him. He takes it, sniffs it, and then throws it in. Sniffs it? Yes, he does! I guess he likes the cool wet smell of it fresh out of the washer.

We did almost have a mishap though. There was a stray red crayon in someone's clothes. I happened to notice two small pieces when I took the load out of the washer. Before starting the dryer I did take everything out again and inspect each article of clothing. I happend upon one tiny piece in the dryer. There would have been hell to pay if that thing had gone through the dryer cycle! My hubby's new (& expensive) work shirt was in that load. He would have had a fit!

So what day do you do the laundry? Or do you do one load a day?

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