Monday, September 13, 2004

Upheaval at preschool...

Yes, we've had more drama at the school.

No, it doesn't have to do with any of the kids. It has to do with the staff.

The Princess started the school year with Miss Karen (lead) and Miss Liz (assistant). Originally, I had thought my daughter would have Miss Susan for her teacher, but this lady now works at a private preschool at a church just down the road. I guess there was some conflict with renewing her contract. She was a GREAT teacher too. The Princess had her at the end of last term (May-July) and really enjoyed her. So I was really surprised to find out who her teachers were that first day of class.

Anyway, it's the first year that both of these ladies worked at my daughter's preschool. Miss Liz just moved down here in May. Miss Karen is from Germany and had previously worked with underprivileged kids in a different part of town. I didn't have the best impression about Miss Karen but I was going to give it some time. Turns out a lot of the other Moms had their own reservations about this teacher. They didn't feel that she was "warm" enough with the kids and that she was a bit unorganized. Well, last week I heard a rumor that Miss Karen was no longer going teach at the school. I'm not sure if she decided to leave on her own or if she was being asked to leave.

Today, I grabbed a load of info from the Princess' cubby. It was a letter from her NEW teacher, Miss Becky. It introduced herself and her assistant, Miss Rafaela. These two ladies were the teachers of the 2.5 - 3 year old class. This young class didn't have much of a turn-out -- only one little boy as of last week. So the director decided to combine the class, since the little boy just turned 3 and my daughter's class is a mixed 3 to 4 year old class. Miss Liz will continue with the class so the ratio of teachers to kids will be a lot smaller. That just means more individual time with each child!Miss Becky stated that she'll be distributing weekly newsletters on the subjects, the books, & the songs they'll cover each week, along with any highlights we should be aware of.

It seems that she's a little more on the ball and I can already tell it's going to be a good change for this class. When I was dropping off the Princess, they had all the tables set up with activities for the kids (the tables were always being set up in the past as the kids got there) and each assistant was at a table ready for the kids with Miss Becky at the door to greet us. It had a good feeling to it.

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