Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Need a replacement

Turns out that one of our BETA fish has died.

I walked past the two bowls like I do every morning and tapped on them. The one in the smaller bowl jumped around like normal. The other? NO MOVEMENT. Uh-oh! I backtracked and looked. It was at the bottom of the tank. Sideways. I tapped again. No response.

Me: [ring-ring as I called my hubby]

Hubs: Hello?

Me: One of the F-I-S-H is D-E-A-D. [Yes...I spelled those words out]

Hubs: Oh. Does she know?

Me: Nope.

Hubs: Hmm...

Me: Just wanted to let you know.

Hubs: Okay.

You see, I haven't mentioned it to the Princess yet. I'm wondering if the hubs will pick up a replacement. I don't want to ask him to because he'll do it if he wants to. I don't really care if he does because...I'm the only one taking care of the fish. I'm the one cleaning the tanks. I'm the one feeding them. He supposedly wanted those fish for the Princess. But neither he nor she is helping. So I don't care if a "replacement" appears this evening. You know?

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