Monday, February 14, 2005

Preschool Valentine's

Preschool dropoff was more fun today than usual.

Why? Because it's Valentine's Day!

The Princess got out of my car and I handed her the bag of Valentine's cards she'd worked on the other week. She skipped along the sidewalk all the way up to the school security gate. The Bear? He held my hand and tugged me along as he galloped towards the gate.

Inside, all the teachers were already in the classes. They had the kids' Valentine's bags all set up on a low table. I let the Bear roam and play in the roam, while I helped the Princess distribute the cards to the correct bag. Then, I had her hand each of her teacher's their card.

Miss L opened her card immediately while the Princess was still next to her. She looked at it in amazement, thanked my daughter, and gave her a big hug. Miss R saw the two of them and stopped by and opened up HER card from the Princess. This led to my daughter explaining to them that she made each and every card that she gave to everyone. I'm so glad that they were genuinely appreciative of the handmade cards. Those gals are AWESOME teachers!

It was SO cute watching the rest of the Moms get their kid's cards distributed to the bags. There was one Mom, who has the youngest child in the class. She also has a baby who is less than a year old. I heard her say "Okay honey (to her preschooler), let's put your cards into the bags!" She was attempting to sit in one of the little tiny chairs next to the table - trying to balance her baby and the cards. I walked up to her (since the Princess & the Bear were both occupied). I said "If he'll let me, let me take this little guy while you and "A" take care of those cards." She looked so relieved to be able to concentrate on her older child. But her little guy? The sweetest. Most lightweight little kid! I say this because my boy is a hefty one.

I think a handful of Moms stayed in the class today. Me? I definitely did not. There was going to be enough commotion in there already. I know my girl is going to have a fun time. I'm just wondering how much SUGAR they're consuming for snacktime!

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