Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Wonderful moments from our trip

With all the rain in California, I had the opportunity to see SIX rainbows. It was amazing to see so many on our three day trip. I haven't even seen that many rainbows in such a short period of time.

Who would have guessed there would be so many tiny purple flowers along the highway? Along westbound Interstate 8, there was a stretch that had tiny purple flowers hugging the highway. When I looked out into the open fields there weren't any flowers. Just along the highway. What was even more beautiful was seeing the tiny yellow flowers mingled in with the purple ones.

There was a sense of serenity as we drove down the freeway. That tap-tap-tap-tap sound above us...as the raindrops pelted the truck. The whooshing sound below us...as the rainwater splashed up against the bottom of the truck. We drove in silence - listening to the sounds around us.

Watching my kids run around giggling in my sister's backyard. They've got grass. It was overcast. But this didn't stop them from stomping barefoot all over the place.

The zoo was amazing. It was cloudy. There were a couple downpours, but that didn't damper our spirit of adventure. We trudged along happily -- even when it was raining. What was wonderful to see was that my niece and my daughter held hands the entire time we were there. I'm so glad the two are close - even though we don't live close.

Eating an amazing fish & chip (fresh!) lunch at the harbor. We ate at a tiny place nestled near the cruise ships. It was so nice to sit and eat and relish the atmosphere. Even the little pigeon that transferred from table to table looking for scraps.

Seeing how my oldest nephew (who just turned 11) reacted when the Bear came into his house. My nephew knelt down and picked my son up in a HUGE hug. I love that my niece and nephews love my kids -- and my kids love them back.

My son treats my Mom just like he treats me. I couldn't help but giggle when he'd run up to her. Grab her finger. And PULL her to where he wanted her to go. The kitchen. The garage door (to go outside). That meant he trusted her and wanted to be with her.

The unconditional love I saw in my Dad's eyes when the kids walked into his house. He was a strict father, but he melts when he sees his grandkids. I could see his face soften when he saw my kidlings. It was terrific to witness.

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