Friday, February 18, 2005

Almost gone

I'm sitting here surfing the web waiting for my hubs to come home.


I packed my bag.

I packed the kids' bag.

I packed the kids' long trip activity bag (Doodles, paper, crayons, markers).

I packed the laptop & 4 DVDs.

I got the hubs' and my pillows on top of the bags so we won't forget them.

I packed 3 days worth of snacks.

Still to do?

Put the just washed sippy cups in a plastic bag.

Grab the kids' bottled water from the fridge.

Brush my teeth & throw my toothbrush into my bag.

Have the Princess use the toilet one last time.

Change the Bear's diaper one last time.

Hubs to do

Change into casual clothes.

Put all five bags into the truck.

Then we're OFF!

P.S. Anyone see the unbalance in the tasks completed & to be completed?

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