Thursday, February 17, 2005

Out of town

We're going to be out of town this weekend.

An impromptu trip to see my family.

We forgot that my hubs has got President's Day off on Monday. So I called my family and told them we're going to be invading on Friday night. Yes! We're going to take a 6-hour drive out on Friday evening. But it'll be worth it.

We're planning on going to the zoo on Saturday morning. Well, my daughter and I are going with my older sister and her family. My son? He'll be relaxing at my parents' house with my hubs. Come on. My hubby will be sleeping the day away while my parents entertain my son. I already figured that one out.

So I won't be around for a few days. I'm going to go through internet withdrawals. I know it. It's not going to be pretty. But at least I'll be keeping busy with my family.

Do you have Monday off? Are YOU doing anything special this weekend?

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