Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Get the claw away!

I remember when I got married and first started having to share a bed with someone. We lived in my condo. With my full size bed. We were newly married and it was fine. We were in that bliss of just being married. Nothing could mar our elation.

A few months later, we moved to a new place and got a queen size mattress. It was a nice step up. It was fine. For a while. You see, I'm a very light sleeper. When my hubs would roll, I'd slightly wake up. And the thing is? He doesn't stay on his side of the bed. For the first few years, I was constantly on the alert when he'd roll because he'd FLING his arm over. There are more than a handful of times that I got an elbow on my head. Then there's the constant pulling of the sheets and blankets. When he'd roll away from me, he'd take the stuff with him. Even though I'm asleep, I stay within a certain amount of space. Seriously! I guess I subconsciously use my pillow as my indicator of where I'm at within my space. But I never go on his side. Really!

Then there's the business of breathing on me. I CANNOT sleep with someone breathing in my face. If I'm facing my hubs' side and he rolls to face my side? More than 90% of the time, I roll away from him. Other times, I'll move my pillow up to the top of the bed so that I'm not at the same level as he is. What frustrates me most is that there are times when I FINALLY roll towards his side and he'll roll towards me. Thus, I roll back the way I was. Now, can YOU sleep with your spouse breathing in your face? Can't. Can't do it!

Anyway, a few years after we bought a house, we purchased a king sized bed. Wow! It was huge! But the thing hubs STILL finds a way to invade my side of the bed. He somehow finds a way to sleep diagonally. His head on the edge of his side. His feet on my side. He crosses the border! Then when I roll my legs and/or feet will come in contact with his feet (I call them claws because of his funky looking toenails).

WHAT do I do when he invades me space? I kind of push whatever body part is on my side. Not a shove. A slight nudge. Usually he moves after I've done it. But sometimes? It's like a rock stuck there.

Maybe the next time we buy a bed, we'll do that Ozzy and Harriett business? Ha!

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