Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Getting Packed

20 boxes. Taped up. Closed. Labeled.

Question: How many did I do?

Answer: All 20!

3 boxes. Halfway full. Open. Unlabeled.

Question: Who needs to do those?

Answer: Hubby!

When I start a box, I finish a box. That way it's finito. Complete. Hubs? He's still got to finish the three boxes he started. Also? Those are the ONLY boxes he's done.

Hub: "We've got to get as much packed as possible."

He actually said those words to me this weekend as he was starting his boxes. The boxes that are still incomplete.

Yes. I'm a stay-at-home Mom but I've got the kidlings underfoot during the week. I've get stuff packed when I find a spare moment - when the two little ones are busy. Not irritating each other.

I'm just getting flashbacks of when we moved out of our house last February. When we were moving ourselves. No movers. It was a mess. It was chaos. It pissed me off to no end. There we were scrounging to pack things that last couple of days in the house. You know why? Because Mr. Man did exactly what he's doing now. He only packed HIS stuff.

[sing-song voice] "One way - one way - one way..."

This is a little ditty my side of the family (we got it from my favorite BIL's side of the family) sings when people only do things for themselves. You know, like get themselves a drink without asking anyone else if they want one? Yeah...that's the song that I'm singing in my head about hubs...I'll be singing that until we move into our house.

"One way - one way - one way...."

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