Thursday, March 17, 2005

What to put in the basket?

Yesterday, I made a special trip to Targhey to get Easter supplies.

It's amazing how much STUFF they've now got for Easter. The baskets? Whatever happened to using the colorful woven baskets? They've got cloth baskets made into characters & shapes! I saw firetrucks. I saw Clifford the Big Red Dog. I saw Dora. I saw a bunch of others. What did I get? A handful of the basic woven baskets that I know will be used for that day alone.

I was actually getting confused looking at all the candy they had laid out. I remember when it was those Peeps bunnies & the egg coloring boxes in one row. Then we'd have to go to the candy aisle to pick up a bag. Now? There are bags and bags and endless bags of candy. Sugar overload! I bought 3 bags of candy (jelly beans, Cadbury eggs, and M&Ms). I bought a couple packages of those plastic eggs to put the candy into.

By the way...I am NOT going to be boiling eggs that Saturday night. That's the day after we move! No way! Not gonna do it. The kids will have a good enough time looking for those plastic eggs filled with candy. The Bear has no clue about Easter. The Princess? This'll be her 3rd Easter that she remembers searching for stuff. She'll hopefully show the Bear the ropes.

Instead of overloading the kids with candy, I ended up buying more art supplies. Colored pencils. Washable crayons. Paints. Those are always a hit. AND we always need them.

Thankfully, the Bear wasn't paying much attention to our purchases (and the Princess was in school). I put all the stuff into a moving box when we got home. I'm going to label them "KITCHEN - Easter" so I'll be sure to put it in an easy accessible spot at the new place.

I'm so glad I didn't wait until the last minute to buy this stuff. It gets SO crazy out there the last few days. Now I'm all set! Woohoo!

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