Monday, April 25, 2005

Another reason to get him potty trained

There I was this morning. Happily surfing the internet. The Princess was in school. The Bear was watching "The Incredibles".

About 20 minutes before we had to go to pick up the Princess from school, I wandered back to the family room. I walked over to the Bear.

Hey Bear! Let's change your diaper. We've got to go pick up Sissy!

He walks over to me and stands there. I wrap my hands around him for a quick hug. UGH! Wetness.

Why the heck are my arms wet? Gross! You leaked kiddo!

I look at my arms. They have a dark residue on them. I turn my boy around. Yup! You guessed it! He'd pooped and it had leaked out the back.

Why don't you ever tell me when you've pooped?

I pulled off his clothes and threw them cleanside down. I got him down on the changing pad and quickly went to work.

Yuck! It's green! It's runny! It's ALL over the place! stink!

I cleaned him up as best I could. Using wipes was not doing the job though. I had to give him a quick bath. I ran upstairs with him arms-length away from me. I put him in the tub. Ran the water. Rinsed him off. Little bits and pieces went down the drain. I got the soap and scrubbed him down. I rinsed. I rinsed. And I rinsed. I threw on a clean diaper. I got him into a new outfit. I scrambled to get him into the carseat. And OFF we went. I left the house JUST in enough time so I wouldn't be late. All the kids HATE it when the Mommies are late.

What's funny? The Bear fell asleep about 15 minutes into the drive to school. What's even funnier? I was able to get him out of his carseat and into the school. Pick up the Princess. Walk back to the car. Get him AND her into their carseats. Get home. Get them both out of their carseats. And get him onto our big bed. He never fully awoke. He had that dazed awakening bit when I put him back into his carseat, but mostly he slept. He fell asleep about 11:40am. He officially woke back up at 2:30pm. That's right folks! A THREE hour nap!

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