Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Baby Bear strides on...

My Bear? NOT the best sleeper. Took him forever (compared to his sister) to sleep through the night.

The past few months? He's been sleeping with either me or the hubs. Sleeping with one of us in the guest bed or the master bed (while the "lucky" one gets to sleep alone somewhere else).

This past week he seemed to be making strides of sleeping in his crib. All night. By himself. He did four nights alone. Four nights in a row! That's a record in these last few months.

On Sunday? We got the extra crib from our storage unit. We put it into the toddler bed configuration. In our room.

Last night? The boy started crying bloody murder when my Hubs put him in his crib. ^!$%

The result? My boy slept in the toddler bed in our bedroom. He slept there all night. In the toddler bed. NOT in our bed. He slept in the toddler bed -- except for the couple times he rolled off onto the floor. Still sleeping.

Hopefully, he's going to realize that even though he's in our bedroom. He's NOT sleeping in our bed. Hopefully, he'll figure that he might as well stay in his room.


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