Thursday, April 14, 2005

Health advocate

When I come across any health issues, I am definitely going to have someone with me when I visit the doctors.

Why am I talking about this? Well, my hubs grandmother recently came out to have some tests run. She flew about 2000 miles to go to this one particular (world known) health clinic. She and hubs grandfather also wanted to visit the family that lives out here. Vacation and health tests. Why not combine the two if you're going to fly 2000 miles, right?

Grandma & Grandpa flew out on a Sunday. They went in on Monday to make sure what was going on. Grandma was having her tests on Tuesday. Fine, right?

No. Not so fine.

Grandma was having a test that required her to fast for 12 hours prior to the test. That's okay. Her test was scheduled for 7am in the morning. The clincher? Grandma has type-2 diabetes. Uh-oh! Turns out that Grandma had to go to the ER because she hadn't eaten. She ended up leaving without having the test performed. She flew all this way and didn't have those special test done. Oy!

Okay. She's got type-2 diabetes, right? Didn't this world renowned clinic realize this when they told her to fast? Did they not give her guidelines as to HOW to fast to ensure there wouldn't be any complications with her diabetes?

Then there's the issue that only Grandma and Grandpa were at the doctor's on Monday. I know if my Mom or Dad were taking special tests that I'd take the day off and go with them to the clinic. My MIL didn't go with them. She could have easily taken the day off. I wouldn't assume that the doctors know all the details of my parents health. I would be there to ask all those details questions that I know my folks wouldn't think to ask.

Because of this situation, my hubs and I have discussed what we'd do if we were ever in this situation. Each of us would be the "advocate" for the other. If the situation were overwhelming for either of us? We'd call in reinforcements. I would call one of my sisters. He'd call in his father.

So, do you and your spouse/significant other have a plan when this type of thing happens to you? Think about it. Discuss it. Then each of you will know what to do when (and hopefully it never does) happen.

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