Saturday, May 7, 2005

I'm blind...not stupid

I've got bad eyesight. I wear contacts. I've worn contacts since I was in the 7th grade. Not only am I myopic (near-sighted), I've also got astigmatism. This combination does not allow me to wear soft lenses. That's right folks. I wear gas-permeable ones. In other words? Hard lenses.

There are a couple manufacturers that make solution for gas-perm lenses. I like "B" (a city in Massachusetts) the best. The solution is thicker than the others I've tried, which creates a better cushion for the lense to float upon. The particular solution I use is multi-functional. I can soak my lenses in it. It's a daily cleanser. And it's also a wetting solution - what I put on the lense before popping it onto my eyeball. Since it's a multi-functional solution, this allows me to streamline my purchases to one item on a regular basis.

On Tuesday (much to my chagrin) I realized that I was running low on the product. I thought I'd just drop by the corner drugstore on Wednesday (the one that starts "W") and pick some up. I walked in with the Bear and located the item.

$10.87? WHAT? How much?

I couldn't believe it. I knew that price was WAY too much. Did I buy it? Heck no!

I decided to drop by the "Red Bulls-Eye" store on Friday after dropping the Princess off at preschool. They always have the solution. And I was SURE they'd have it at a better price.

$6.84!!! They had just lowered the regular price too.

Can you believe the drug store was asking $4 more dollars for the same product?

I may be practically blind people. But I certianly ain't stupid! Shame on "W" for trying to gouge the people with the bad eyesight!

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