Saturday, May 14, 2005

Moments from today

Due to lack of sleep. And the development of my allergies. My mind is tired. My thoughts are fuzzy. I just have enough juice to put together a few things from today:

There's a bridge that the Bear and I drove over. It's got telephone poles on either side of the expanse. There are a couple wires hanging. As I drove across the bridge, I looked up. There was one lone bird sitting there at the bottom loop part of a wire. It sat there alone. Not moving. Facing the west. Like it was taking a moment to greet the morning.

There is one road that both the Hubs and I like to drive down. I drove down it today. It's a two lane road. So no passing at all. It's not normally a busy road though. As I drove down, I looked down onto the scene below me. The old large trees were full of leaves. The large bushes were full of yellow blossoms. In the distance, two large buildings (about 6 and 10 stories) were outlined so clearly in the early morning. All the other structures seemed to be playing peek-a-boo between the trees and the bushes. The hazy clouds were way far to the south...just rising in the horizon. It was a beautiful sight to see.

Watching the Princess and one of the neighbor girls meet up. This is a little girl we've only seen less than a handful of times. They saw each other. Walked up to each other. Looked at each other. The other girl goes in to hug the Princess. They hug. Then they hold hands. They walk off to go play. The innocence and pure acceptance of each other.

Witnessing my son gently tap (twice) the sales rep of our housing development. Yes. He did. I was sitting holding the Bear. He was facing towards my back. The sales rep was trying to get past in the between my chair and something. As I turned as she was squeezing past, I saw the Bear's hand come up as he finished his second tap. She turned around and said "Oh HI sweetie!" Thankfully, she realized it was just him. Hopefully she thought he was tapping her to get her attention to say "hi." [he-he-he]

Going to our first neighborhood gathering and realizing that it's going to be a GREAT neighborhood. It's mostly families with kids aged 12 and younger. Yes. There a couple older couples with no kids. I know of one newlywed couple. There is one family with teenagers (17, 15, &12). But it was mostly parents in their late 20's to mid 40's. Professionals. And a lot of stay-at-home parents. It'll be great when everyone's house is built and everyone is settled in the neighborhood in the next year or so.

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