Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A "neighborly" feeling

It's starting to feel like a neighborhood.

On Friday, the builders decided to hold a subdivision gathering. Simple really. A bunch of pizzas. DVDs in the master bedroom for the kids. A jumper for the kids. Sodas & water. Ice cream bars & ice cream sandwiches.

I can' believe how that gathering has jumpstarted the ties between the neighbors. EVERYONE was invited. All the people who are already living in the subdivision. AND the people whose homes are currently being built. AND those whose homes haven't even been started. Anyone who has signed a contract was extended an invitation. Isn't that wonderful?

So we all went around looking at each others nametags, which included our lot number. Not our street address. Our lot number. This made it easier for us to visualize where others homes will be or are situated compared to our own location. All we had to do was reference the various subdivision maps located throughout the great room (the party was in one of the home models).

It was fun meeting so many people. I found out that a bunch of people stay at home with their kids. We've got a high ranking firefighter with teenage kids. We've got a couple police officers. We have a couple professionals who own their own businesses -- and some do this from home. But what was MOST comforting to see were that the majority of the families were in the mid-30s to mid-40s with elementary age and younger kids. Yes. There were the older couples. There were the newlyweds. But it was mostly couples just like us.

So now I won't be so tentative in waving at cars that are OBVIOUSLY driving around checking out their homesites. I waved at a car on Saturday and it was my new neighbor -- the police officer -- and his wife.

Late Saturday afternoon the kids were getting restless. The Hubs was trying to take a nap. So I took the kids out front to play until dinner. We were outside for about 10 minutes, when the neighbor across the street (who just moved in Thursday) came out into his garage to unpack some boxes.

Neighbor: "You going to be out for a while?"

Me: "Oh yeah. We just came out a few minutes ago."

Neighbor: "Oh great! The kids are getting restless. You mind if I send them out?"

Me: "No problem!"

So his girl (will be turning 5 soon) and his son (3 1/2) came out. They came across the street and the four kiddos played. It was fun to watch. My neighbor's Mom came out and we all talked as the kids played. This was when our new police neighbor came by to check his house.

About a half hour later. Our other neighbor drove by. She and her kids moved in 7 days after we did. I'd seen her around but had just officially met her the night before. About two minutes after she got home, her 1st daughter (6) rides up to us on her bicycle. She introduces herself to our kids. And they start playing. The Mom and the 2nd daughter (1 & in a stroller) came up a couple minutes later. So she got into the conversation. The kids played in front on my house. Us parents? We were across the street standing on the corner.

It was fantastic. It felt so nice to have the kids playing safely together. Watching them start these new friendships. Just like us parents were starting.

It feels good to be in a neighborhood. It's beginning to feel like HOME!

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